Book of Revelations


The Biblical Book of Revelations can be a book which is full of controversy enigma and available to various speculative interpretations. No one seems clear on the meaning from the cryptic and gloomy visions caused by John the disciple of Jesus. Only one thing remains clear to the majority of students: It bears there the coded prophecy with the before. The minority who occupy themselves by using it appear to be so overwhelmed by it that they like George Bernard Shaw, the British Author, they conclude that it is the hallucinations of a drug addict.

With all the understanding of creation meditated with the are employed in the light of Truth the Grail Message, you realize with an comprehension of the task, certain signposts misplaced from the religions should be put in place. This it will become vital to crack the mystery of revelations using the keys supplied by the Grail Message.

Key number one: The main difference between your Son of God and the son of man.

Christianity correctly notes a good these persons in a single God. This they refer to as the dad, the Son and also the Holy Spirit. Further understanding shows that the son is merely the personification with the Passion for the daddy as well as the Holy Spirit may be the personification of His Will. His Will are at once his executive justice.

Just like the love became personal and incarnated in the world on his mission of redemption, the Holy Spirit can also be incarnated in the world to create the judgment. Thus when John wrote how the spirit says "behold, I come quickly" he referred to the imminent incarnation from the Holy Spirit on earth.

It was clearly stated right at the beginning of the Book or Revelations. "Grace to you personally and Peace from him who is, and who had been and who is to come… and from Jesus Christ, the faithful witness…" (Rev. 1:4-5) "who would be to come" means the Son of Man, the Holy Spirit who also was he that is seated around the throne, the Alpha and Omega, "He who lives, and was dead, and behold I will be alive forevermore" (1:18). He who is seated on the throne isn't Father himself, since, as part of his letter to Philadelphia, he wrote "He who overcomes I will lead him to a pillar inside the temple of my God", meaning he has one still more than him, i.e, the daddy.

Key 2.names and places

Creation is one whole entity, more like a cube, or two isosceles pyramids joined on the base. But the dictum "as above, so below" is valid as regard names, be it of places or human names. Thus we have the town of peace, Jerusalem, in paradise as well as being represented on the planet.

Names of lower regions are also raised and replicated on earth by dark spirit which has ascended to populated the planet earth.

John, therefore, failed to obtain the revelation in Patmos in Asia minor, but at Patmos in Paradise. One was open, who linked up with him from your isle of Patmos on earth (and a lot possibly gets the same name as John). The John in paradise was John the Baptist, who at that time may be dead for many decades, and stood in the Temple in Patmos and was shown an idea with the Grail castle between "Heaven and Earth" (Genesis 1:1) which reference involving the Divine realm and creation. Students with the Grail message are familiar with the description of these places.

The transmission was thus completed in a way which, for want of other appellation, I descried as mediumistic transfer. John the Baptist was writing on Patmos while the earthly John Simple copied what he was writing.

Another point worth mentioning will be the Seven Churches in Asia that John was expected to email. These are not just tiny islands in Asia Minor but names of the numerous world groups of which our own earth is probably the countless globes in one of the world groups. Each comprises worlds of its own. Our universe is among the world group Ephesus. Within Ephesus are so many life- bearing planets at different amounts of development. The human spirits inhabiting choices at different levels of spiritual maturity, hence their globes are at various levels of rigidity and for that reason sluggishness to move cannot receive redeeming help for your human spirits inhabiting them until it completes its cycle of dissolution.

Within the Divine realm, you can find on the summit four knowing Animals who, in their species, posse every things necessary for creation. Around them are seven Archangels of whom Lucifer was one. Down in the summit of creations, we have four living creatures (which was what John saw) surrounded by seven executive beings whose positions coincide with this with the Archangels. Each are responsible for a global body and so share the identical name from it. These folks were those that the letters were given to in order that they must take charge in warning the world body involved.

In summary, the key secrets to view the book of revelations are highlighted below: John the Baptist, after his death, went to paradise and was shown visions of what happened inside the Grail castle, and visions of what occurs subsequent creation- the information world, if the Son of person concerns Earth for Judgment. First, He provides the book of information of Creation to become opened from the love of God, Christ, the Lamb that was slain. The opening with the seals opened for all of us it of creation and laid it bare, and this was followed by the Trumpets from the last judgment.


These are warning signals in world events as, as an example, the economical meet down, who have been among the trumpet sounds - most likely the sixth. The seventh trumpet, the look of the star or comet ushers within the great tribulation, or because the revelation place it, the seven Angels with the wrath of God.

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